Sunday, December 19

Portland Rescue Mission: Still Fucktarded.. and trying to blame the other guys.

Yesterday's post regarding how the Portland Rescue Mission won't accept help/donations from you if you happen to be gay held a link to the article on On that page, there was a petition that people could sign to support "working with LGBT organizations to help the homeless". I'm one of those supporters. As part of the petition, an email was sent out in my name. The email was actually quite good, and I have no issue with it. Today, I received an email from the "Director of Development Ministry, Portland Rescue Mission".
The email is all about how they were "misunderstood" and that the decision to decline had nothing to do with sexual orientation... wait.. let me show you the email in its entirety. Including his name, phone numbers, and email should you want to get in touch with this director yourself.

Trish, thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding our decision to not sponsor the Queer Quistmas event next week. Please note that this was a sponsorship decision, not a decision to decline the much-needed and useful contribution of blankets and winter outerwear. We were willing to accept the donations, but the organizer has chosen to direct the gifts elsewhere. Fortunately, they will still benefit the homeless people of the Portland community who we serve everyday at Portland Rescue Mission. Our decision to decline the sponsorship was primarily based on the urgency of a decision (the event is Dec. 20) and our inability to provide all the benefits that the organizer/event would require. Unfortunately, the organizer took this to the media and it understandably took on a life of its own.

We regret the confusion that this issue has created in our local community and the greater community of LGBT concerns.

Bill Miller - Director of Development Ministry
Portland Rescue Mission
1507 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, Ore. 97230
P: 503-906-7605 (direct); 503-477-1773 (cell)
F: 503-227-1126
More than a meal... More than a bed... GIVE HOPE.

From: Trish S
Sent: Sat 12/18/2010 7:05 PM
To: Info
Subject: Please work with LGBT organizations to fight homelessness

Dear Portland Rescue Mission,

I recently became aware that your organization decided to not work with a gay-themed holiday festival to hold a sweater-and-coat drive to fight homelessness and poverty. What a sad message this sends, not only to those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, but also to those who are homeless or struggling with poverty.

We all, gay and straight alike, should be in the fight to combat poverty and homelessness. I understand that you are an organization with religious values, but those values should not prohibit you from working with others of different faiths, creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities or races.

Please reconsider this decision. During this holiday season, we should all be in the spirit of giving, and working to stave off homelessness.

Thank you for your time.

Trish S
Toronto, Canada

Looks like the Spin Doctor for the Portland Mission didn't do his research. He obviously didn't bother to read the article - because it clearly mentions that the staffer from the Mission stated, "Sorry, we don't work with queers to fight poverty or homelessness."

I can smell the bullshit wafting up from Portland all the way up here in Canada.



thanks for putting up the good fight and not letting it slide by..

trish said...

I'm just stating my opinion. :)