Saturday, December 18

Portland Rescue Mission: Fucktarded.

Apparently, the Portland Rescue Mission wants your coats and sweaters.. unless you're gay.

You can read about it here.

What. The. Fuck?!

Are they worried about a sense of style? Donations from people who know how to accessorize? Worried they'll catch "The Gay"?

The Mission said they were worried that the people who donate to their cause, many of them religous, would stop donating if they knew LGBT people were involved. Really?! Do they honestly believe that none of the homeless or poverty-stricken they're trying to help are, in fact, gay? Or that none of the members of their church are? Or their neighbours? Those are some seriously effective blinders those people are wearing.

If you're homeless and freezing your ass off, are you really going to wonder about the sexual orientation of the person offering you a free coat or sweater... ? Really? Show of hands..?

I didn't think so.



I'm sorry I can't comment..I have to go bang my head on the wall.

trish said...

I hear ya. Up here in Toronto, the Gay Pride parade is a huge event, celebrated by gays and straights alike. We're very supportive of our LGBT communities. There are pockets of assholes who don't agree, but every village has an idiot. For the most part, we're extremely accepting of pretty much everything.

I do NOT understand the reasoning behind what's going on with the Portland Mission - or the church people they're so afraid of losing.

Utterly ridiculous.


gone said...

The relates to the Mission's decision to not sponsor the Queer Quistmas event in Portland next week. Please note that this was a sponsorship decision, not a decision to decline the much-needed and useful contribution of blankets and winter outerwear. We were willing to accept the donations, but the organizer has chosen to direct the gifts elsewhere. Fortunately, they will still benefit the homeless people of the Portland community who we serve everyday at Portland Rescue Mission. Our decision to decline the sponsorship was primarily based on the urgency of a decision (the event is Dec. 20) and our inability to provide all the benefits that the organizer/event would require. We regret the confusion that this issue has created in our local community and the greater community of LGBT concerns.

trish said...

Yeah.. I posted that same bit directly from the email I received. One of the Mission's staffers, however, was reported to have said, "Sorry, we don't work with queers to fight poverty or homelessness."

This would cause me to call "Bullshit"... but thanks for coming out (excuse the expression).