Monday, December 20

101 Things About Me Revisited

I'm reposting this - with a few changes... :) Time for everyone to get to know me again. I'll just cross out the old stuff rather than replace it - so you can see where the actual changes have taken place. ;)

Apparently, this is a time-honoured tradition with blogs - every blog should have one. Since I'm still new to this whole thing and I haven't figured out how to post it on the side yet, you'll have to bear with me 'cause I'm doing it as a regular post - 'sides - at least this way, I'll have the link so I can add it to the side when I learn how. LOL

K.. so here goes - stuff about me - if you get bored, just skim and scroll.. that's what I'd do. LOL:
  1. If I ever tell you I don't give a shit.. seriously - I don't.
  2. I have an 18 21-year old son. I’m told I don’t look old enough to be a mom to a teenager 21-year old, and I get weird looks when people see us together. I think they believe I’m robbing the cradle. LOL … Eyew…
  3. My son thinks I’m the coolest mom ever.
  4. I think getting piercings with your son could be considered quality time.
  5. I have gotten into more trouble with school principals than my son has.
  6. I’m extremely shy, and I try to make up for it by being an attention whore. If the spotlight isn’t on me, I feel lost – but it’s the last place I usually want to be.
  7. I drink 3 times a year. On my birthday, on Christmas, and on New Years. Sometimes, I only drink on my birthday. Sometimes, I can stretch those drinks out over all three holidays – because my birthday is Christmas Eve. I drink rather regularly - but I still don't get on my face drunk..
  8. I rarely have more than 3 drinks on one occasion.
  9. Because I’m a control freak.
  10. And I’m afraid of throwing up. Because I think I’ll never stop.
  11. I once consumed 17 Keg-sized (that’s huge, by the way) Long Island Iced Teas. Topped off with a shot of Tequila.
  12. I thought I would never stop throwing up.
  13. I did, eventually.
  14. I love to draw.
  15. And write.
  16. But I’m too shy to show people what I’ve done.
  17. I feel naked if I don’t have nail polish and lipstick on.
  18. My nail polish is a shade of red 99.9% about 95% of the time. For 3 days last year, I wore a coral/orange colour. The current colour du jour is black. :)
  19. I loved it. But it wasn’t red.
  20. My nail polish box looks like one of those kits that CSI carries around.
  21. I have 27 different shades of red. I do my nails almost every day.
  22. My eyes are so sensitive to light that I can’t leave the house without sunglasses on.
  23. Even at night – because of headlights, street lights, etc.
  24. I can wear SPF 70 100 sunscreen and STILL blister after being in the sun for only 15 minutes.
  25. I will also get violently ill.
  26. My husband EX-husband says I’m a vampire, even though I prefer vegetables over meat.
  27. Except during PMS week - when I prefer meat almost raw.
  28. I “worship” Nature.
  29. Sitting on a dock and dangling my toes in the water is my idea of heaven.
  30. Until I start to wonder if something down there is going to come up and snack on them.
  31. I’m not afraid of any animal, but I hate insects crawling on me.
  32. I’m deathly allergic to bees.
  33. I can only do my Nature-“worshipping” at night because of my allergies.
  34. I think Nature finds this amusing.
  35. I know I do.
  36. I have to have water running while I’m in the washroom.
  37. This drives my husband EX-husband insane - Because running water makes him have to go.
  38. I do it anyway.
  39. I have to have a fan going beside me in order for me to sleep.
  40. My husband son and current s/o wake me up by turning the fan off.
  41. Nothing else wakes me up faster. He Anyone can call my name over and over again, and I won’t wake up. The second the fan is off, I’m awake.
  42. All white noise makes me tired.
  43. I have fallen asleep while vacuuming.
  44. Standing up.
  45. The fall woke me up.
  46. I quit smoking November 6, 2002.
  47. I still get the occasional craving.
  48. But in my sleep, I *really* crave them.
  49. BAD
  50. When I wake up, the feeling is gone.
  51. I keep the half-pack of cigarettes I had left when I quit in my nightstand as a reminder of what I’ve beaten.
  52. I hate the way cigarette smokers smell.
  53. It grosses me out that I used to smell like that, but didn’t realize it.
  54. I love the smell of some cigars, and all pipe tobacco.
  55. I’m a very tactile person. I touch everything.
  56. I won’t eat foods that feel weird in my mouth. Oatmeal is a no-go.
  57. I love things that squirt in my mouth. Erm.. I was referring to juicy grapes n’ stuff, but for all you out there with your minds in the gutter, thanks for playing. ;P
  58. If I have to get up in the middle of the night, I still get my childhood urge of jumping the last 3 feet to the bed so the monster under it doesn’t get me.
  59. No matter how strong the urge, I never do. My husband would kill me if I woke him up in that manner. :) Sometimes, I do it.
  60. I haven’t been eaten by that monster yet.
  61. I think he’s afraid of the closet monster.
  62. I have been described as “butterflies and sunshine – with a seriously twisted dark side”.
  63. I’ve decided to believe it’s a compliment.
  64. I’m a klutz. I break stuff. I knock stuff over. My husband EX-husband won’t wouldn't let me shop in China stores. :)
  65. I’m a shoe-whore.
  66. I have shoes I’ve only worn in the store.
  67. I vow to start wearing them all every month or so.
  68. I usually break this vow.
  69. And I always feel horrible about it. Like I’m letting the Shoe Gods down.
  70. I blame it on the weather. Every time. Let the Weather Gods take the fall.
  71. I have learned to tune out anything anyone is saying that doesn’t interest me.
  72. But I’ve found that these people usually expect a response.
  73. That I can’t give them.
  74. Because I’ve tuned them out – usually unintentionally. I’ve just become too good at it.
  75. When I get angry, I cry.
  76. Which makes me seem very vulnerable.
  77. When I’m really thinking of ways to get even. Like putting tin foil bits in their food or chocolate ex-lax in their muffins.
  78. I used to call my grandmother Grand-Monster, and I call my step-brother my Step-Bastard. We’re not very close.
  79. The *only* immediate family member I speak to is my Mom.
  80. I like it that way.
  81. I separate my food by colour and/or flavour before eating it.
  82. I always eat M&M’s in the same order – red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown.
  83. The only M&M product I eat is their M&M peanuts, and only during PMS week.
  84. Sometimes, to prove to myself that I’m not obsessive compulsive, I will eat a bite of each thing on my plate instead of one thing, then the next, then the next.. and I’ll find myself taking one bite of vegetable, one of meat, one of potato (or whatever), then starting all over again, thus creating another eating pattern – and proving that I’m probably obsessive compulsive. :/
  85. I hate pantyhose. No matter how expensive they are, by the end of the day, your ass feels like it’s been sitting on a screen door. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em.
  86. I hate socks, too, but they’re a necessary evil when wearing some shoes.
  87. Stockings are acceptable.
  88. But I’d still rather go without completely.
  89. I have been known to laugh at other’s misfortunes.
  90. But then I feel terrible.
  91. Then I have to laugh at myself for feeling so terrible. It can become a vicious circle.
  92. I have been told that one of my laughs (I have several ranging from girlish giggle to full-out belly-laugh) sounds like Betty Rubble.
  93. I have laughed so hard I’ve popped out a contact lens.
  94. I got the giggles at my Grand-Monster’s funeral.
  95. But my cousin wore a powder-blue tuxedo, so I don’t feel as though I was the worst offender.
  96. But that *did* make me giggle harder.
  97. It happened back when my husband (then boyfriend) EX-husband first started seeing each other. I think it’s one of the reasons why he fell in love with me.
  98. I have never told him that. :)
  99. There are members of my family that make Trash a whole new shade of white.
  100. I don’t speak to them.
  101. I *do* laugh at them.



we have a lot in common.

trish said...

I think that's about the biggest (and best) compliment you ever could have said to me, YDG. :)

Peacey said...

I created a whole new blog just to follow you!

#7 Should also include Saesar Sundays.

K :)

trish said...

LOL Thanks, Peacey! I have followed you in return.. although there are no posts as of yet. :P

Dammit.. now I have that song going through my head.. "I will... fo-llow youuu.. will you .. fo-llow me..."

Peacey said...

I'm thinking of: Follow me, everything is alright, I'll be the one to tuck you in at night...

I have several hidden blogs, more like journals, never done a public one. Will have to see if I have anything to write about. My life is pretty boring right now.

astrocoz said...

Welcome back! I missed ya! I just added you back to my blogroll...never underestimate the come back of Trish!