Tuesday, December 21

Why I Love Living in Toronto

Creative Business Names:

That's right - on any given day, walking around in Toronto, you could see a camel toe erm.. tow.

Creative Uses for Products:

I know - they're legwarmers.. and no one has actually defined which part of the leg... so.. thigh to calf might look unusual.. but still within the realm of "leg".

I particularly liked the "muffin top" the thigh of her fleece pants made over the top of the legwarmer. Very interesting look for the holiday season...

Freedom of speech:

The weather here can change in a blink. The temperatures fluctuate from hot and gross and humid and sticky in the summer to so cold your nipples could get so hard they pop right off in the winter - but every day brings fun with a chance of insanity. The people are awesome. The city is beautiful.

Even if we did somehow end up with a mayor that no one will admit to voting for....

Ooops. My bad. I meant:

Even dead, Chris Farley is funnier than our mayor.
Sorry, Chris.


Kish said...

LOL. I love seeing the Camel Towing. It always brings a smile to my face. :)


that cracked me up.

astrocoz said...

LMAO! Love it!

trish said...

:) T'anks!