Sunday, December 19

I couldn't resist....

I responded to "Bill's" email - from the Portland Mission.


Interesting. I must have gotten confused by the reasoning behind your decision not to associate with the Queer Quistmas event by the reported statement your staffer, Brian Merrell made. I believe it was, "Sorry, we don't work with queers to fight poverty or homelessness."

You can see by that statement how I would be led to believe that your organization held some sort of prejudice against the LGBT community, and what they could offer your Mission, and not that you were unable to "provide all the benefits that the organizer/event would require."

If you are concerned about your donors refusing to donate anymore due to religious belief conflicting with the LGBT communtiy, I'd say they need to learn that religion teaches acceptance and love, not hatred and bigotry. I'd futher venture to say that your staff needs to learn tact, and to bite their tongue when dealing with people and/or organizations they disagree with.

As I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I would say that this issue has ventured quite a bit further than your community. I first heard about it on FaceBook, where it was shared by several of my almost 2,000 friends there. It has since moved on to the blogosphere, where I am sure its spreading just as quickly.

It takes years to build a reputation - and a single error in judgement to forever ruin it.

Good luck with your Mission. And try to remember in future that when you're dealing with people who care and want to help, it really doesn't matter who they're sleeping with.

Trish S

Not that I believe it will go anywhere - but at least I made a point.

Stoopid fucktards.

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Hez said...

Douche-ism indeed.

Where is the start of all this so I can get informed?

Racism, homophobia, douche-ism - I have no tolerance for any of this!