Friday, January 7

Utility Companies. Every Once In Awhile, They Throw You A Kiss

It's nice to know that it is possible to get off the phone with a utility company and NOT want to rip off their arm and beat them about the face and ears with it. I'm not saying this is a common feeling. You probably have a better chance of seeing Halley's Comet. But it IS possible.

Last night, I called Rogers cable. I'm tired of paying for bullshit. Superchannel sucks ass, and I only have the Movie Network for Dexter, and the season is over, so I don't need it anymore. Which is basically what I told them. The first woman who got on the line was very nice - we spoke for a half hour about what changes I'd like to make on my account. And she cheerfully agreed to all of them. And then when I asked her how much my billing would be in the future, it turned out to be more than I'm currently paying. When I asked her why, her response was, "Well.. its just a little more..." Uhm.. whut??? I patiently (meaning - I wasn't quite banging my head against my desk yet) reminded her that I was removing movie networks (two of them) and that I shouldn't be paying more for LESS service. She got a little flustered and put me on hold to try to figure out why I wasn't being a good little sheeple and just doing as I was told. She then came back on the line and told me she couldn't remove the movie networks and would have to transfer me to another department.

Awww... its nice to know that Rogers is an equal opportunity employer and even finds jobs for the airheads.

The second woman at least seemed to know what she was doing. She managed to remove the movie networks, add the one channel I did want, keep my VIP package, AND told me the total of my new bill (without having to put me on hold) AND gave my account a credit for the rest of the month because I wouldn't be using the movie networks AND gave me a 15% discount for a year because I told her I was paying way too much for cable. SWEET! AND she also was able to go into my now defunct cellular bill that I haven't used for 2 years but accidentally put a payment on back in October and apply that to my cable account. DOUBLE SWEET!!

Unlike Toronto Hydro, when I called to discuss my account - there wasn't anything they could do. So when they asked me if there was anything else they could help me with, I told them to lower their rates. When she laughed and said she was sorry but that wasn't possible, I told her if that's the case, I'd like them to send me a box of chocolates, flowers, and a bottle of KY Jelly every time they invoice me. No one gets to screw me without putting a little effort into it. Then I hung up the phone while she was still laughing.

I can't wait to see what happens when that bill comes in.



well, at least the first one knew she didn't know anything and transferred you to someone who did..instead of arguing with you and making you crazy.

trish said...

Canadians don't really argue much. ;) We're mellow and we prefer the passive-aggressive approach. LOL

astrocoz said...

Can I have you take care of my cable bill? I doubt Comcast will give me a 15% discount on burning a vertical line into our TV screen from turning on the TV every time the DVR records...