Tuesday, January 4

Someone is suing the shit out of the yogurt that makes you shit yourself.

So after watching those annoying dancing belly commercials by Dannon, they're finally getting their comeuppance. Oh yeah. I said it. I don't know what annoys me more - the dancing bellies superimposed on relatively normal-looking people, or the shade of green they use. Just fucking stop it. Because seriously - when has having to take a shit made you feeling like belly-dancing...? Side-step-crossing-legs dancing, maybe.. if you have to pee too... and you're nowhere near a washroom...

I've taken that Activia challenge. I couldn't make the 14 days. You know why? 'Cause not only did their yogurt taste like chalky crap, but I couldn't stay out of the washroom. I have more important things to do in my life than constantly shit. Maybe I'd appreciate it more if I were .. oh, I dunno... 80 years old and constipated. Which I'm not.

But that also brings me to the lawsuit. Apparently, they're being sued for false advertising.

The lawsuit against Dannon says that even their own studies failed to prove that Activia has health benefits superior to other brands of yogurt. Yet, Dannon has stated these yogurts were proven “clinically” and “scientifically” to have health benefits. In the lawsuit, it is mentioned that Dannon charges about 30% more for the Activia and DanActive yogurt lines than other yogurts.

Heh. Oops. A 300 million dollar oops. Nice!

I'd sue too... but I don't think it's illegal for a product to taste like crap.


Sidecarsally said...

I can't help but feel like this is a frivolous lawsuit. I'd like to stab the person that started the ball rolling on this, and then eat a bunch of Activia and shit in their mouth.

Nice blog :D I joined it on Google Friend Connect and I'd appreciate if you'd do the same for mine.

trish said...

:) Nice to see you here. Now you can stalk me as I have been stalking you for years.. well.. months, anyway. :D

I clicked on your thingy - I think that means I've joined on the Google Friend Connect... or we're engaged...


betcha jamie lee curtis doesn't eat that crap either.