Saturday, December 18

So... what've you all been up to, then...?




Nuthin' yet. Let's try again.




Dammit. One more time. If it doesn't work, we're callin' it.



* bip * * bip * * bip * * bip * * bip * * bip * * bip * * bip *

And..... we're back!

Okay - so after leaving rather abruptly... and no doubt losing all of my readers.. I've decided to make a come-back. Why, you ask?

Same reason any blogger out there does it. We miss the crowds. The fame. The space to rant and rave and get shit off our minds without worrying about what people think - because after all, it's MY fuckin' blog. ;)

So.. a few changes. Divorced. Met someone. Pets have passed on. More pets have moved in. But I'll get all of you caught up on that later. For now, I'm just announcing that.. I'm back. :) And I have a lot to say. ;P


Kish said...

Kewl! Can't wait. :)

Charles said...

Wow I love your comeback post. Mines was totally lame. I had some things that happened to me that gave me the motivation to start my blog back again.

trish said...

Thanks, Kish! :)

LOL Thanks, Charles! :) I was happy to see you started up again.. It was a happy coincidence to see there have been a few who left, but started up again recently.