Saturday, December 18

Happy Giftmas

I have accumulated so much gift wrap over the years that I refuse to buy any this year. People will be receiving gifts wrapped in birthday paper, wedding paper, mother's day paper, Teletubbies and Hot Rod paper, old newspaper comics, pages from Logic Puzzle & Soduko books and whatever else I can find around the house. And bits of string. Because I have lots of that, too.

Enough is enough.



Charles said...

LOL Just tell them to pretend its there birthday. LOL

Glad your back.

trish said...

LOL And.. their wedding day... and their anniversary... and I think I might even have some plain brown wrapping that I might draw my own pictures on with a Sharpie. ;)

trish said...

And thanks.. :) Glad to be back.

Heather said...

Recycling is GOOD!