Wednesday, April 2

Now I know why some animals eat their young...

So the Booger got himself "withdrawn" from school. Permanently. As in.. they've asked him to leave.. escorted him to the door.. and would prefer it if he doesn't set foot on their property ever again.

I know you're all wondering what he did that was so horribly bad that they would tell him to leave.. never to return. Set fire to the school, you ask? Tie the teacher down and beat her with bamboo sticks? Dump gelatin into the pool? No. None of those.
He wasn't working hard enough.
He wandered the school halls and hung out like it was a social club.
He skipped a few classes.
In short, he acted like any other teenager in high school.
The difference? He turned 18 in November, and if he's not taking school seriously, they don't have time for him.
I can understand that. I can totally see where they're coming from. And I agree.. to a point. BUT.. he's bringing home 100% on tests in his math class. He's trying to turn himself around and become a good student, but you don't go from being an imperfect student to a perfect student overnight. He is trying. Unfortunately, the school decided it was too little, too late.
He's fucked himself.
Which means it falls on us to try to unfuck him. Again. We have met with the principal and asked her to change her mind.. give the boy another chance.. but no go. There are options. He can take courses in "alternative education" schools. But FUCK!!!! is it frustrating.
We warned him time and time again.. and he didn't get it.. He's a smart kid.. brilliant, even. But like most smart kids, he tends to spend a lot of time with his head up his ass.
DAMMIT. Only 12 weeks left before graduation.. and this happens.
This is why kids are cute.. 'cause if they weren't.. you'd strangle them 'cause of the shit they get themselves into.


yellowdog granny said...

oh my goddess!...he's going to be president of the united states....

Chicka said...

That's exactly the problem. They're so smart and gifted, and yet their bored and cause "trouble."

The schools are the ones that do it to these kids. They don't properly challenge them and then they end up losing them completely.

And I'm terrified that this is happening to both my girls - especially my youngest with Asperger's. I get reports of bad behavior and "bad choices." She lacks social grace (which is part of the disorder) but her grades are all A's. So they won't do a thing for her because school is about academics and she's perfectly fine in that department.

It's no wonder a lot of people homeschool.

Good luck to him (and you)'s stupid that they've gotten him to this point as it is.