Sunday, March 9

Aliens Worship Oprah

Who'd have thought that when the first extra-terrestrial book was translated, it wouldn't be a cookbook on how to munch on humans - it'd be their bible - and that they'd worship OPRAH!
Discovered by a construction worker by smashing cylindrical metal objects against his forehead, the vessel containing the book had scientists creaming themselves over numbers and mathematical signs - and some symbols that looked like UPN and NBC! What else could it have possibly been other than a TV Schedule?
The book discovered in the strange metal container had a cover illustration of "the unmistakable likeness of Oprah Winfrey". It doesn't say if it's the thin version or the fat version... but I suspect the fat version would have required a second edition.
To read more about this wondrous discovery, the full article can be found here. And anyone who's seen MIB knows that the Weekly World News would NEVER lie!!


yellowdog granny said...

geee, (looking around in awe and amazement)..i think i love it here..piss and vinegar in the morning is almost as good as the smell of napalm in the morning...I just stole a post from betty bowers and posted it on my blog about her and dr.phil(who i call uncle phil as he is like all my asshole relatives that think they know everything but don't know jackshit)..
sue sent me....and im glad she did...i love you canadians..

trish said...

:) Welcome to the insanity, Yellowdog Granny. I'll have to thank Sue for shoving you in my direction. We lurves Sue. :D Hope you don't mind - but I added your blog to the linky love. You're my kinda people. :)