Friday, January 28

Today is the First Day... After Yesterday and the One Before Tomorrow

I am always getting idioms mixed up. For some reason, there's a weird short circuit in my brain that won't put a full idiom together.

I will say:
  • A bird in the bush gathers no moss.
  • Barking at a dead horse.
  • Going to Hell in a Hibachi.
  • The fat lady has left the building.
  • Getting down to brass monkeys.
  • Freeze the tits off a nun.
  • The bigger they are, the easier it is to kick their shins.
  • Great minds are usually insane (for those of you who are wondering why I normally just type "Great minds..." - this would be why.
  • Hit the thumb on the head.
  • Idle hands learn how to swear in sign language.
  • Let the cat out of the washing machine.
  • Never bite the hand that holds your paycheque.
  • Your balls are in court.
I'm sure friends and family would be happy to point out more that I've said. You get the idea. I never get them right. Even if I've just been told what they are, for some reason, its forgotten almost immediately. I don't understand this.

I also don't always get that they're wrong as I'm saying them. The odd occasion I'll have a feeling that something isn't right, but it isn't until I see the looks on the faces of people around me that I truly know that yet again, I have become an idiom idiot.

Yay! Go me.



I think they all made perfect sense.

astrocoz said...

Your idioms say a lot more of what people are thinking than the actual idioms do.

trish said...

Both of you are on my very short list of favourite people. :)

Charles said...

Even if you got those wrong, I like them. :)

yildizname said...

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