Monday, January 24

Sometimes, They Make You So Proud You Wanna Punch Someone In The Face With A Hammer Out Of Sheer Bliss!

Every once in awhile, you're forced to look at your life from a different point of view and realize that you're not quite the loser you thought you were. Oh, sure - you might still THINK you're a loser - but when you remove your head from your own ass, you are able to see yourself from someone else's point of view - and you come to understand, however temporarily, that your own opinion of yourself means shit in the grand scheme of things.

Every time I get a glimpse into my son's soul and see how very awesome he is, I allow myself to think, "Dammit... I've done good!".

People have always told me I'm an excellent mom.. and for the most part, I agree with them - but even those of us who achieve excellence once in awhile have our moments of self-doubt. Did I do enough for him..? Did I teach him the difference between right and wrong? Did I teach him how to let his feelings show and open his heart to another human being? Did I teach him to pick up his underwear and make his bed? Okay.. I failed on that last one... he still leaves his shit everywhere and never makes his bed because he 'doesn't see the point if its only going to get messed up again'.

Then he'll reveal a side of himself that I'm both surprised at and fully expect of him... Like his new blog. Please take a moment to go have a read. Become a "follower". Leave a comment that his Mom sent you - I'm sure he'll love that. ;) Seriously - he's funny and interesting and gives you great recipes from the point of view of a pretty damned good chef. :D



as we say in TEXAS...'ya dun gud.'

trish said...

:) Thank you.