Sunday, January 9

The Social Network - Works.

The fam, my friend Viv, and I went to see The Social Network tonight.

Apparently, the most socially awkward person on the planet managed to create the most popular social network on the planet. Ironic? Maybe.. although it does make sense that someone who can't express himself in person builds a system to allow everyone - including the socially retarded - to make "friends", albeit virtual ones.

I'm not putting Facebook down. I'm on it - and I love it. I'm probably just as addicted as 97% of the people who frequent it. I've met up with old school friends, re-connected with family after over 17 years of not even knowing where they were, and sworn to hunt down and remove the spleen of anyone who sends me a "Farmville" request. (I do play some of the games, but I quickly grow tired of them - especially since they seem to have to leave proof of their existence all over my FB wall - like some sort of unneutered tomcat who has to mark his territory over and over and over again.) So.. I had to see the movie. :)

It's well done. I'm not sure how much of it is truth and how much is fiction - we all know that not everything we see up on the big screen is fact - no matter how big the words "BASED ON A TRUE STORY" are on the poster. But there's Bro-mance, a friendship lost, triumph, failure, some guys that Viv says are really cute (but since they're all about my son's age, that's a little icky to me), and during it all, an interesting movie happens.

I'm still waiting for Mark Zuckerberg to accept my friend request.







he blocked me..

trish said...

Really..?! But.. WHY!? Did you tell him you were going to sue him for 65 million dollars?